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University of Melbourne Love Letters



‘UniMelb Love Letters’ is a Melbourne University club specialising in providing a space for secret admirers and love letters to reach their sweethearts through an online space. This commission involved developing various logos and logotypes, colour palette, business cards, hoodie designs, notebook designs, digital assets (cover photos, icons, banners) and physical promotional material. This project demonstrates my skills in a professional environment with client imposed constraints, time limits and deadlines.


The initial design concept was inspired by tarot cards and romantic handwritten love letters, lending a feminine and 'valentines day' atmosphere to the branding. This design incorporates human elements and a sense of empathy, along with showcasing the act of giving and sending a letter. However, the client's ultimately decided on the second concept...

46910887W_Aitken_Project 1.1.jpg
46910887W_Aitken_Project 1.2.jpg

This second concept for ‘UniMelb Love Letters’ incorporates a colour palette of deep blues and blush pinks that more closely aligns with the existing Melbourne University branding. Along with this, the geometric form of the logo imparts a more masculine and polished air onto the brand. 

In this concept I explored a more minimal style of a letter, that resembles utilitarian mail post as opposed to a romantic love letter. The heart shape utilises semi-abstract shapes and double symbolism (heart & letter). Furthermore, the shape itself is quite clean and simple so it will be easily translated onto hoodies, business cards, and other physical material.

46910887W_Aitken_Project 1.2.jpg
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