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I'm Victoria


I'm an aspiring art director with a passion for captivating art and elegant graphic design.


I believe that design should be highly empathetic as well as visually stunning. I jump at the challenge of a new client and adore the details of creating works that connect with an audience.


I specialise in brand identities, promotional content, multimedia art pieces, and whatever comes next. My visual style is informed by a mix of historical art and editorial fashion and publications.

I love incorporating unique art forms like animation, digital painting, and sugar sculptures into my work. When I’m not at my desk you’ll find me embroidering, watching the latest indie film or making dumplings :)



Design Programs

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Lightroom

  • Adobe Indesign

  • Adobe After Effects

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Final Cut Pro X

  • Microsoft Word and Powerpoint

  • Mac and Windows computers

  • Wix website builder


Other Skills

  • Fluent English

  • Conversational Mandarin

  • Javascript & HTML coding

  • Sugar sculpture

  • Illustration


Branding Design

  • Logo design

  • Digital assets

  • Templates

  • Poster design

  • Business cards

  • Stationary design


Promotional Content

  • Art direction

  • Social media content

  • DSLR photography

  • Website design

  • Vector animations

  • Video production & editing

United World College of South East Asia

2011 - 2014

This Singaporean international school not only provided me with a view into a diverse environment but also exposed me further to the different cultures of the country I was living in.


I travelled frequently to neighbouring Indonesia and engaged in camps and house building programs that bettered the lives of the local disadvantaged community.

Korowa Anglican Girls School

2015 - 2018

This Australian school provided me with the opportunity to explore my passions and become recognised for my efforts in the field of design through multiple extracurricular projects creating promotional content.


Academically, I developed my experience in sugar sculpture through VCE Art and gained a new regard for analysis through VCE Literature.

RMIT University

2021 - now

I am currently studying at RMIT University in a Bachelor Degree of Communication Design.

This course will equip me with applicable and extensive knowledge that is relevant to my future career.

2020 - 2021

I worked as a part time graphic designer at Terra Firma Consulting Firm. I created a new brand identity for the company while also updating their website, templates, icons, and colour scheme.

Victoria's Cakes

2011 - 2014

I ran a small home based cake decorating business as a result of a prior interest in creating beautiful cakes. I effectively funded the materials and ingredients costs to generate extra money for myself. This helped me to understand the importance of having confidence in my work, and charging accordingly.

Korowa Media Content Consultant

2016 - 2018

I worked with the deputy principal and marketing department of Korowa Anglican Girls' School to create over a dozen videos, posters and billboards to promote events around the school. This introduced me to the process of consulting regularly with a client and working to a brief within a short time frame.

Multimedia developer at Didasko

2018 - 2020

I worked at Didasko Learning Resources in their digital design department creating online courses for LaTrobe University. I expanded upon my knowledge of keyframe animation, website coding and graphics production.

Graphic Designer at Terra Firma



  • 'Palm Leaf' magazine Co-Captain
    Korowa Anglican Girls' School 2018

  • Excellence in Visual Art award
    Korowa Anglican Girls' School 2018

  • Prominent acting role in 'house chorals' winning performance
    Korowa Anglican Girls' School 2018

  • 'STEAM LAb' Brand identity competition winner
    Korowa Anglican Girls' School 2018

  • 'House team debating' finalist
    Korowa Anglican Girls' School 2017

  • Excellence in Visual Art award
    Korowa Anglican Girls' School 2017

  • Tuckies' Signage Design Competition Winner
    Korowa Anglican Girls' School 2016


"Victoria would tackle any new position in the Media and Communications field with determination, creativity, great enthusiasm and a mature sense of responsibility."

“Victoria first approached me as Head of Languages at the beginning of the year to discuss how we could best present information about the Exchanges Program 2016.


She meticulously collected photos, interviewed students involved and produced an engaging, entertaining and informative clip which showcased the Exchange Program. Victoria is a very creative and talented student, with a fine eye for detail. She works efficiently and diligently. Her motivated attitude, willingness to help and her general conduct with staff were exemplary.


I have appreciated her polite and mature approach, her great input and invaluable assistance. Victoria would tackle any new position in the Media and Communications field with determination, creativity, great enthusiasm and a mature sense of responsibility. It is without hesitation that I would recommend Victoria to any

future employer."

Dianne Tamburro (Head of Languages Korowa Anglican Girls School)

as of 17 September 2017

+9811 0279

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"Victoria has undertaken this role with responsibility, reliability, maturity, professionalism, dedication and a great deal of skill."

"Victoria joined us a Year 9 student, and very quickly she became known amongst her teachers and peers as a student with much creative flair.


 In addition, she has a reputation for being extremely hardworking, respectful and reliable. So much so, that her peers have elected her to the prestigious Year 12 Leadership Role of Palm Leaf Captain. The Palm Leaf is the School’s annual student magazine, a publication that is made available to all the stakeholders in our community. 


In 2017, Victoria has been working very closely with me and other key members of staff to direct and produce a video which will be played at Speech Night. Victoria has undertaken this role with responsibility, reliability, maturity, professionalism, dedication and a great deal of skill. She can be very proud of her conduct throughout the process, as well as the final result which will be enjoyed by Year 6 – 12 girls,

parents, and staff."

Kellie Lyneham (Deputy Principal at Korowa Anglican Girls School)

as of 11 October 2018

+9811 0272

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