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'Sofihub' Brand Identity


‘Unisono’ is a start-up company focusing on providing technological solutions and specialised aged care products in the form of Artificial Intelligence installed in the home. One of their products is 'Sofihub'. 'Sofihub' is an artificial intelligence home system focusing on the empowerment of the elderly, preserving the independence of the senior community and enables them to live healthy lives in their own home for longer.

Some specifics about the product 'Sofihub':

  • The Hub, along with sensors strategically placed around the house of an occupant (in bed/bathrooms as well as high-traffic areas) tracks the physical movements of the senior.


  • Using this data, Sofi’s artificial intelligence recognises the patterns in the occupants behaviour (eg: usually getting up at 8:30am, showering at 8:45am). If something detected doesn’t match up with the established routine, Sofi recognises it as an anomaly, and contacts a carer.

  • Sofi is programmed to broadcast messages to the occupant of the home. This not only reminds the senior to take their medication, but also reduces the perception of loneliness due to the speaking capabilities of the Hub. 


The brief for this project was to differentiate 'Sofihub' from other aged care providers, which had a bleak, clinical atmosphere. Along with this, Unisono tasked me with creating a colourful and striking brand identity, complete with a logo, Hub packaging, and the inspiration for an upcoming application. The challenges of this brief were to appeal to the elderly demographic, who have a low level of tech literacy and have limited vision. In this project, bright colours, high contrast and clear UX design was paramount. 

The solution to this was to incorporate bright split-complimentary colours that equally imply femininity and masculinity, so that both elderly men and women could appreciate the design. I designed packaging that exploded with colour when one opens the box, so that the customer gets excited about the product inside.

The logo includes minimal symbolism of a heart and home, implying the values of the customer. The colour scheme reflected the customer's priority for personal autonomy and independence, as the bright lively colours imply a zest for life and an energetic atmosphere. I contrasted these colours with black and white, which cements 'Unisono' as a tech company first and foremost.    |    61+ 0421152114

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