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Live By Gold Jewellery


‘Live By Gold’ is a destination for timeless jewellery that empowers all. I worked with my client Lillian to create her dream visuals for her business. Through my designs, 'Live By Gold' is a brand that exudes an aura of timelessness, elegance, and femininity. This is achieved through the use of refined neutral hues, gold accents and minimal product photography.

In my designs I aimed to showcase the unique aspects of 'Live By Gold' more prominently to our audience. This includes the strong ambassador community Lillian has built, along with a longstanding dedication to promoting and donating to mental health initiatives, and creating empowerment centered jewellery products.

Lillian and I wanted to reposition 'Live By Gold' from a bright youthful jewellery store, to a fine jewellery hub radiating luxury and maturity. We restructured the branding guidelines (logos, colour, typography, etc), jewellery packaging, website and social media content, along with copywriting and video guidelines to reflect an elegant, self-assured tone.

Explore the finalised concepts, along with the current packaging, videos and socials below. @livebygold

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