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'Terra Firma' Brand Identity


'Terra Firma' is a consulting firm based in Melbourne's CDB. I was tasked with creating a new brand identity, corporate templates, and assisting in the launch of their new website.


The Terra Firma Blue Violet represents imagination, individuality, and is a subtle twist on the norm of 'corporate navy'. The classic Terra Firma Blue has been used as the brandmark colour for many years. It represents professionalism, tradition, intelligence, and security. Along with this, a neutral palette of black, achromatic greys and white space is used widely to compliment and accentuate the other accent colours. The brandmark typeface ‘Trajan’ is based on the letterforms of capitalis monumentalis (as used for the inscription at the base of Trajan’s Column) evoking a solid, stable atmosphere and links back to the Latin origins of the brand name, translating to ‘firm land’.


The icons shown below are an appropriate melding of the previous style guide’s thin lined icons with more contemporary rounded edges. This retains the elegant look of the original icons while simultaneously updating them for the future. The interlocking triangle pattern combines both triangles and hexagons into a structured and precise visual element. This can be used to fill up empty space as well as layering over imagery. The use of triangles specifically mirrors the typographical shapes in the brandmark’s ‘A’ and ‘T’. This pattern adds a sense of depth and resembles scaffolding of a building, symbolising the growth and completion of a project.

worked in collaboration with the in-house photographer, Angus Bartels, to produce stock images of office desk elements that include the Terra Firma brandmark so that employees can implement them into powerpoint presentations and any visual media they need a stock image for. Along with this, we captured multiple architectural shots around the immediate Melbourne CBD to give the company a sense of place and connection to its local environment. The atmosphere we were aiming for was sleek, professional and reliable.

Along with the darker, more muted colour scheme, I reformatted the Terra Firma website, ensuring that small details like alignment, hierarchy, and typeface were consistent across the entire site.

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 12.49.50
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