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Sticker friends


During quarantine, I experimented with digital illustration on a dusty old drawing tablet. In this series, I take inspiration from my good friends from high school and their different personal aesthetics. I wanted to incorporate elements of their personality with instruments they play, references to their favourite shows and video games, and of course, their favourite colours. The delicate illustrations themselves are cute miniature objects drawn in a style reminiscent of Japanese 'Chibi-debu' illustrations. 


To display these sticker sets I decorated the interior of a gold jewellery box with relevant props and balanced the stickers on fishing wire. This was an incredibly beneficial experiment as I practiced utilising the limited resources around me to create a cohesive yet playful set of product photos.

oriana colour.png

oriana's collection

crystal's collection

crystal colour.png
erica colour.png
andy colour.png
vic colour.png

victoria's collection

andy's  collection

erica's  collection

josh's  collection

josh colour.png
lien colour copy.png

lienne's  collection


  • delicate flowers

  • comfort food

  • cute shiba doggies

  • peach tones

  • autumnal vibes

  • ribbed turtlenecks


  • dark academia

  • dusty textbooks

  • broken test tubes

  • magical birds

  • ivy crawling up buildings

  • tea stained paper

  • jewel tones


  • deep red velvet

  • bunches of peonies

  • pomegranates

  • red wine

  • jewellery boxes

  • glittering golds

  • royal crowns


  • bright blues

  • sunny yellows

  • photoshop panels

  • link's sword

  • mana potions

  • wildflowers and daisies

  • blueberries


  • lemon yellows

  • summery colours

  • fruit teas

  • sunflowers in bloom

  • saxophones

  • gaming controllers

  • bright citrus fruits


  • yellow ochre

  • lavender flowers

  • aperol spritzes

  • his favourite songs

  • picnics in summer

  • peony flowers

  • oranges and lemons


  • lavender flowers

  • cups of paint water

  • astronomy

  • pastel galaxy colours

  • fuchsia and purple

  • sweets and candy

  • cute doggies    |    61+ 0421152114

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