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Speech Night 2017
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'2017 at Korowa'



I was commissioned by the vice principal of Korowa Anglican Girls' School to create a promotional video that would be displayed at the annual 'Speech Night' event. This video was created to reflect upon the 2017 school year as a whole, including school events and major achievements from students and staff.

I worked as the creative director of a small team of staff and students tasked with filming important and appropriate clips of various activities around the campus. This video is the culmination of several months of work compiling and shooting footage. The target demographics were both young students and older parents, consequently I tailored my editing to favour a light, optimistic atmosphere, including many cameos of students so as the audience watches, they can see either themselves or their children on screen.


One challenge in editing this video was ensuring that I had captured a balanced and representative snapshot of every department, activity, and year level. I achieved this by employing multiple montages so a large amount of information could be presented in a small timeframe. I integrated the school's signature burgundy colours into the transitions and opening animations to create a polished final product.    |    61+ 0421152114

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