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Green is the New Black


‘Green is the New Black’ is a collection of sustainability centred designs that inspire consumers to forgo single use packaging and move through the world in a more ethical manner. I have showcased the theme of “sophisticated nature” within the sticker set and tote bags through the use of calligraphic serif typography and a limited colour palette of neutrals and forest green. This is appealing and encouraging to a more mature audience that have yet to make sustainable lifestyle changes. Simultaneously, the playful iconography and political phrases express a youthful and provocative atmosphere, appealing to a gen z audience.


I have incorporated the aesthetics of traditional sustainable design through the visual motifs of woven natural textures and earth toned colour palettes. However I subvert common sustainable design tropes through presenting a more refined visual style.


As designers, we can create a more sustainable world by transitioning our products, businesses, governments, and communities to a circular and regenerative future through design. We can all see the system failures of a reductive and linear approach to meeting human needs, so now is the time to use our creative capacity to challenge the status quo. We can design products and services that maintain and increase value over time, in order to create a post-disposable future, and to enact continual positive contributions to this beautiful planet we all share.

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