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Da Bao Tiffin Deliveries


'Da Bao Tiffin Deliveries' rebrands Singaporean Hawker food and Indian Tiffin carriers for a more sustainable future. This student project responds to the prompt 'Future Foods', in which cuisine of today is reimagined for an equally environmentally conscious and culturally considerate world of tomorrow. I incorporated Mandarin typography, darkly opulent photography, and refined art direction to create a luxurious food delivery brand that busy professionals would respond to.

The phrase 'Da Bao' is a Singlish reinterpretation of the Chinese phrase 'take a bag' or to 'take away'. It has become widely used when ordering at Singaporean Hawker food courts, and is one small element of the rich food culture in South East Asia. 

Along with plant based recreations of classic Singaporean dishes, and the well established sustainable packaging of steel tiffin containers, one also receives an accompanying AI tablet. Hawker stall chefs life stories and histories are configured into an interactive AI persona you can chat to as you eat your food.


You can ask them "What inspired this dish?" "What was life like in Singapore back in the 80s?" "How did you set up your first Hawker stall?" and so on. This preserves the lives and stories of Hawker work is for generations of foodies to come.


Explore more of my design process in the slides below.

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